Three strikes in bowling is called a turkey. Saturday afternoon during Turkey Fest at Sullivan Hardware and Garden dozens of people took a shot or three at getting a turkey of their own.

Between the trashcan turkey and pioneer turkey was a bowling lane — only in place of a traditional bowling ball was a frozen turkey. Thanks to GFS for its donation of three frozen turkeys and a prize of a Thanksgiving dinner to one lucky family. Sullivan’s tossed in $5 gift cards to give to anyone who was able to bowl a turkey during the event.

How hard is turkey bowling though? Well, let’s just say that turkeys don’t roll smoothly. They sort of bounce and go in different directions. And if the frozen turkey’s logistics weren’t hard to figure out, the smell of all the food in the air was surely to be a distraction.

The Salvation Army Canteen was even on hand serving hot chocolate and water.

Moving inside the building was more food and WIBC broadcasting live. Major John Turner and even Mel McMahon had the chance to chat on air with Pat Sullivan and Denny Smith. Major Turner even show Denny how to easily make a $10 text donation…on Pat’s cell phone. All you have to do is text RING to 80888 for a $5 donation or text GIVE to 80888 for a $10 donation.

And if that wasn’t enough, Sullivan’s even had a bell ringer and Red Kettle out front. It was a festive, turkey and Salvation Army filled day. If you missed out, just check the upcoming events page and join The Salvation Army at its next event!