Warming Ctrs 2

With another round of single digit temperatures headed our way, Salvation Army locations around the state are preparing to welcome those who need shelter from the cold. The Department of Homeland Security has requested that The Salvation Army Eagle Creek Corps Community Center, located on the northwest side of Indianapolis, open as an overnight shelter on Sunday evening.

Warming Center preparations

Overnight shelter preparations

Captain Jonathan Cooper, corps officer at The Salvation Army Eagle Creek location, is prepared to welcome up to 30 overnight guests. He and his team have set up cots and will serve Sunday dinner, snacks throughout the evening, and breakfast on Monday morning. In addition to food and beds, guests will have access to showers and ample opportunities to socialize during their stay.

“Our hearts break for those who deal with homelessness on a regular basis, and even more so when the weather conditions are so dangerous,” remarks Captain Cooper. “We will do everything we can to ensure the safety of everyone who doesn’t have the means to do so.”

The Salvation Army in Indianapolis is also loaning 30-40 cots to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department’s Homeless Shelter Unit for use at the Horizon House. This will ensure that additional people in need of safe shelter can be helped over the weekend.

In Fort Wayne, Captain Luis Acosta is leading a team at The Salvation Army Fort Wayne Corps Community Center as they prepare to reopen as an overnight shelter from Sunday through Tuesday. The City of Fort Wayne called upon The Salvation Army to serve as a shelter during the last cold blast, and has again asked for assistance with temperatures predicted to dip as low as 1º F.

Cots ready for overnight guests

Cots ready for overnight guests

“We are looking forward to helping those with great need during these freezing days,” says Captain Acosta. “We want to make sure that those less fortunate have a warm place to rest during the night until the temperature rises again.”

The Fort Wayne Corps Community Center becomes an overnight shelter any time that the local temperature drops below ten degrees, opening its door from 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. Guests are provided cots and blankets, hot food and coffee, warm showers, and an opportunity to participate in a Bible study for those who are interested.

Additional Salvation Army locations across Indiana will be open as daytime warming center. For the latest updates, including any new overnight shelter activations, visit our Facebook page at Salvation Army Indiana Division and follow us on Twitter at @SAIndiana.