Bed & Bread Club

The Salvation Army’s Bed & Bread Club is made up of people like you who have decided to take the matter of hunger and homelessness in their community into their own hands.  That’s why there are more than 100 Bed & Bread Clubs located all over the country — all with the same mission: to provide food and shelter to the hungry and homeless. The Clubs help The Salvation Army provide nutritious meals through their feeding programs . . . groceries from their food pantries . . . or vouchers to local supermarkets. Clubs also help fund The Salvation Army’s shelters for the homeless . . . provide motel vouchers for families and individuals who need a temporary place to stay . . . and assistance with rent or utilities to prevent folks from becoming homeless in the first place. Nutritious food and safe shelter are vital necessities for all of us. By providing these basics for needy men, women and children, the Bed & Bread Club gives them the help — and hope — they need to rebuild their lives.

By pledging as little as $10 per month — or $120 per year — you can help The Salvation Army provide food, shelter and other necessities so struggling individuals can get back on their feet. How can only $10 per month or $120 per year make a difference?

When your gifts are combined with those of other people who are concerned about the welfare of your neighbors, we all have the power to truly make a difference — together! Bed & Bread Club gifts are used specifically to feed and shelter people in your own local community. Our regular monthly, quarterly or annual donations help level the peaks and valleys in gift-giving that The Salvation Army experiences throughout the year, so they have the resources they need to care for less fortunate families and individuals every day.

*The Daily Bread Providers Club® exists in communities where The Salvation Army provides services similar to the Bed & Bread Club®, but more accurately describes their focus and capabilities. Although they may not offer shelter themselves, they provide referrals to other organizations and may be able to help locate shelter or emergency lodging.