A Target employee paints the wall in the new Salvation Army Media Library.

A Target employee paints a wall in the new Salvation Army Media Library.

As part of a national grant from Target stores to The Salvation Army, the Indianapolis Eagle Creek Corps and Community Center is seeing a renovation of a rarely used room into a space fit for community kids who need room to grow… and learn.

With a budget of $25,000, all from Target stores and used to revitalize educational programs in Salvation Army centers across the country, this room will be sporting a fresh coat of paint, new lighting fixtures and flooring, and plenty of bookshelves (full) and workspaces. Some more advanced pieces of technology, including computers and a smart board, will also be available to give kids a place to study and learn during regularly scheduled after-school activities.

From a nearby Target store, a crew of volunteers have been working hard to get the room ready for its eventual unveiling. Adrianne Billafana, Executive Team Leader for Human Resources at the store, helped organize the employee-volunteers to complete the work. Although Target does many volunteer projects in the community year-round, this one has more interest for many of the volunteers.

“This is really cool,” said Billafana. “This is the first project where the money for the work comes from us, and we get to come in and do the work. It’s full circle.”

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