Harvest Fest is just around the corner, and The Salvation Army needs your help to make sure the event is successful.

What happened to Apple Fest? Well, we renamed it and gave it a distinct purpose, but don’t worry, there will still be delicious apple crisp from MCL served, great music and lots of fun.

So what’s the focus now? Providing food to those in need. As we move into the colder months of the year, the Salvation Army needs help filling the shelves of our Central Indiana food pantries.

How can you help? There are a few different ways you can help. Choose one or do them all!

  1. Host a Harvest Fest Food Drive
    Fill out the form below by September 6. We’ll bring you the donation box and pick it up when it’s full. The food drive is September 9-13.
  2. Bring some nonperishable food items to donate at Harvest Fest.
  3. Buy a delicious MCL Apple Crisp dessert at Harvest Fest

For more information about Harvest Fest, check out the Harvest Fest page!