As Indiana sees the first wave of a two-part winter storm, bed spaces at shelters in Indy are filling up quickly. The Salvation Army’s Shelter for Women and Children reports getting many phone calls for families in need of shelter that are not in violent situations.

“We are full at this time. Winter Contingency Plan is in place for the City and we are the phone call of last resort if Wheeler Mission and Wheeler Mission for Women and Children’s shelter spaces become full,” says Social Service Associate Director Dena Simpson.

Basically, the Winter Contingency Plan is a measure by which to ensure that no one is left out in the cold in Indy. In cooperation with CHIP, the plan states that if the temperatures drop below freezing, The Salvation Army’s shelter becomes the “hub” for homeless women and children when other shelter are full. In the event that the Army’s shelter is full, the Emergency Bed Space program allows for clients to be placed in overflow rooms until another shelter has adequate space.

The Salvation Army Shelter for Women and Children relies on donations to provide warm, safe shelter as well as three nutritious meals per day for clients. It’s important not only during these winter months, but all year long – to be able to care for individuals seeking shelter, especially those with no other viable alternative.